Playroom Organizing Picks

We recently organized our playroom closet to make it easier for our kids to find their toys and put them away. Below are the items we used to help us organize. A few noteworthy picks:

  1. We stocked up on these Container Store shoe bins since they are a good size for little hands and stackable. We used these large sized sweater bins for bulkier items like play-doh.
  2. These tall Home Edit containers are great for separating items in larger bins. We have many of these around the house but used them in the playroom to hold water pens.
  3. Zip pouches that come in a variety of sizes are great for organizing stickers, puzzles, etc.
  4. A label maker with clear tape is a great way to keep a good organizing system in place.

We hope you find some organizing solutions that work for you and your loved ones!

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