Preschool Back to School Picks

We rounded up our top picks for back-to-school for your toddler and preschool aged kids!

  • Backpacks – for kids 5 and under we are big fans of Dabbawalla backpacks. These bags are sustainably made by a small, mom-owned company in Seattle, Washington. We have found they are the perfect size for sending lunch, snacks, and a change of clothes for daycare or preschool. They even have a smaller toddler size with chest strap for your little ones under 3! We have used ours for over a year now and they look almost as good as the first day we bought them. How you ask? Because they are machine washable! Yup, a game changer when you are talking preschoolers coming home with spilled drinks, messy clothes, etc. in their bags. Check out a few of our favorite styles below!
  • LabelsInch Bug, based in Austin, Texas, is our favorite when it comes to all things labels. Water bottle labels, clothing tags, backpack tags, you name it! We love that they actually hold up through the wash and come in a variety of colors and prints for you to customize.
  • Rosemary & Tea Tree Oil Hair Products – We like to take a proactive approach when it comes to prevention against lice. Fairy Tales makes our favorite trio set that is designed especially for kiddos.

We hope you find something that works for you and your family with these top picks and more below!

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